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SCP Start Orb by MistressVixen
SCP Start Orb
So my tower is dead, but I have a laptop now. I decided to make my Laptop SCP themed, cause I love SCP. SCP Foundation here:

But yeah so, I decided to make a start orb. You can download this:… If you're on Windows 7.

Since I'm windows 8.1, I use Classic Shell:

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy if you use it!

EDIT; I'm well aware this is in the wrong category. But apparently BMP isn't ALLOWED in start orb categories. Tell DA they've broken shit again.
Addie's Christmas Card by MistressVixen
Addie's Christmas Card
A young girl in Fountain Green, Utah, is currently dying of a terrible, undiagnosed disease that caused her to stop growing at 3 years. She's currently six and weighs 23 pounds.

She's expected to only last this year, meaning this is her final Christmas. For this Christmas, her family has requested that people send her cards so she can decorate her whole room in them.

This is my card to her. It's not in color, because I couldn't find any colored pencils, but I still like how it turned out. The text reads:
Addie; I hope you prove your doctors wrong and have many more holidays to enjoy. Never give up, hun.

Had to take it on my phone cause I lack a scanner.

If you'd like to contribute to this beautiful little girl:… check out this link.
LOOK I'M STILL ALIVE! Sick right now but I am still alive.
Pendelle Character Sheet by MistressVixen
Pendelle Character Sheet
Normally I don't post character sheets using SL characters, but this is a REALLY complex character that I just do not have drawn at all. She's a race of space traveling creatures called Q'Lei, or Space Fairy, due to the wings.
While she looks mean, she's actually really sweat and her fangs are used to suck juices out of fruits. So yeah... Fruit vampire.

All these parts for her are completely different owners, save for her legs (those are my work) as well as her tongue.


United States
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Link to my Website:…
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It's been a long while since I updated this... I figured I might as well speak up.

For the past year or so, I have been... fighting with Disability to get on it. My hearing was at the first of May, still waiting to hear if the judge passed me or not.

If you're wondering why my gallery is collecting dust... My tablet was put to Legacy Drivers and no longer work with Win7... so I can't do ANYTHING.

My motherboard and graphics card also failed previously, so once those were replaced, I've been sticking solely to writing and gaming.

Anymore, I stick solely to Tumblr, which I post on Priest's blog all the time.

As soon as my tablet is replaced (on the long list of things I plan to buy with my Disability,) I'll start drawing again. I've had the itch for months but I have no scanner and actual hand drawn anymore makes me sad cause I always run out of materials to finish pieces with.

So with that...

Follow me on Tumblr: TUMBLR!

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